This page originally was intended to list the fakes on Ebay by their listing number but it became too much work and really a duplication of effort since the fakes on Ebay are shown on THE FAKES, starting on Page 1. There are several sellers who keep putting the same fakes on time after time and no matter how many times they put a fake on, it will not make it real. If you have any comments about this page, we would be very happy to hear them. Click on COMMENTS & QUESTIONS and all of your suggestions will be considered.
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A brand new seller has entered the Tiffany scene and TIFFANYFAKES.COM would like to make you aware of what is going on. This new seller registered with Ebay on December 29, 2005 as FINEARTIQUER and immediately started to list Tiffany lamps that had been listed before from another seller who is also on the SELLERS TO WATCH list. The seller has a positive feedback which is entirely based on items purchased and not one mention of an item sold. The items purchased average less than $25.00 each but it is an excellent way to establish a positive rating immediately. These lamps did not sell the first time so either the owner relisted them with a new seller or this is another name for the past seller. 30 days go by and FINEARTIQUER has changed his name, this time to NICKSANTIQUES$$$$ and has continued to list more Tiffany items and Tiffany era items. This seller uses the PRIVATE SELLER feature (are not most fakes sold this way?) and had about 6 Tiffany or Tiffany era pieces listed. He has had 2 sales (?) - one for $9100 and the other for $5000 and both were unsigned. This is less than half what these lamps would sell for if they were real and signed. How can you be so lucky to find so many Tiffany lamps unsigned? Could they have been made at night while Tiffany was asleep? Read the listing very carefully as there is a lot of verbiage that means absolutely nothing and to an inquiring mind, raises more questions than it answers. Use caution and most importantly, use your brain. Notice that none of the listings by this seller guarantee that any item is genuine Tiffany. The latest on this seller is that he is "No longer A Registered User" on Ebay and hopefully you were not one of his victims. As you go through the pages of this site you can follow these sellers as they have changed their names at least 10 times, moved their location but continue to offer the exact same lamps and they continue to use the exact same photos for pictures.
There are many items listed on the site that might cause someone to question our knowledge. All that it takes is an e mail to us and we will be happy to answer any question you might have and we would remove any items which we have mistakendly placed on the site.
 There are items that are listed on Ebay that contain a genuine lamp base with a fake shade and these are placed on the site unless it clearly states in the listing that pieces are not genuine. Any piece that has been modified with a fake signature or is a marriage of some type will be placed on the site. This does not apply to replacement of non Tiffany items with other non Tiffany items such as electrical cords and light sockets.