Your comments, questions and opinions are welcome. Click on CONTACT US
on the left side and let it rip. After you place a fake and fraudulently signed piece
of Tiffany for sale, do not offer any comments as you should have resolved
all of the issues prior to listing a fake. The owner told me it was real is not of
interest as an excuse.

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NOTICE: We no longer take comments as it really does not make a better buyer out of you. The following were retained for reference.

The comment below was sent it by a seller who uses the Ebay name ENTOURAGE1 from
, New York and although it was removed when someone notified them that it
was not Tiffany and being the good Ebay seller that they are, he relisted it as Quezel.
This seller has photos of his works on Page 9 and Page 15 but all someone needs to do
is read his feedback to get a good idea who you would be dealing with.

"Those things are ridiculous. I know a hundred sellers who don't know the myriad
of patterns tiffany had. We get a piece are told it's Tiffany and sell it as such. I should not
have to be a Tiffany pro and have every book to know

Thanks for the great site. It has been a nice 2 hours of reading.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for this invaluable service. I never would have been
able to spot the patterns of the sellers as you have. You are holding the sellers
responsible for what they put on Ebay. I applaud you for looking out for the buyers
..many of whom need your expertise. I would have never thought
there were that many Tiffany fakes. Again, Thank you.

OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You and your site are a blessing.
It’s so wonderful that you take the time to do it.


Just wanted to let you know that I have canceled my listing on the fake
Tiffany Studios floor lamp. Your website is a great service. Just wish I knew
this lamp was fake before I listed it. Keep up the good work.

I wanted to thank you for all the info you have passed on about fake Tiffany
and the people selling it. I have been in the antique business for 14 years,and
have bought & sold many Tiffany objects. Recently in Brimfield ,I purchased
a pair of Tiffany Studios Cobra Candlesticks,for $1500, I was extremely excited
about it. The patina was dark brown with red highlights!! signature, number,
just perfect. I showed them to a Tiffany dealer friend,who promptly said
they were fake, I was in shock, not about the money, I knew I'd get that back,
but the fact they were so good. I felt like an idiot. The message here is there
are a lot of "bad Tiffany " floating around, one must be very careful and
purchase from a reputable dealer.

Thank you very much for the information. I looked them up
and retracted my bid.

 Thanks for the e-mail. I solved this problem, will return merchandise and receive
my money back. Thanks for the info. I wish more ebayers were like you.
Please keep on helping to solve this fraud cases at eBay.

So glad to find this site. I have spent many hours trying to train myself to decipher
the authentic from the fake with regard to Tiffany lamps and am so pleased to
find your site. This will save me a lot of time. What a great service, I thoroughly appreciate it!

I almost bid on this vase but was hesitant after I read the seller's description.
Red flags were going up!! I went to your website & you confirmed
my suspicions!! Thanks.

Thanks for the information. Your one of the reasons why eBay is such a successful marketplace. Thanks

I thought you might like to know that BEFORE I even think about bidding
on any "Tiffany" item listed on e-bay, I check your web site. Thanks to you,
I have also gotten pretty good at spotting 'suspicious' listings. Keep up
the great work. Thanks

I was recently informed that my name was added to your list of dealers
of fake Tiffany. I had two items that I listed without realizing they were not authentic,
and upon learning that they were, I cancelled the deal with the
high bidders. I did not, and have never, intentionally mislead anyone
with my auctions. Please remove my name.

Thank you so much for your email. You just saved me $2500.00.
I know nothing about lamps and relied on the fact it was represented
as very old, 1900-1920. I really appreciate the ebay members like you
exposing fakes.

While I do laud your web site, you do, it seems, perform a service to people who
don't know left from right - I do think you should contact sellers before
lifting pictures and using their name on their site from EBAY.
Reply: We are not a member of the Ebay community and have no way to contact sellers

I think this is outrageous. NEVER did I try to sell these 2 items under
false pretenses. I was not even sure, and mentioned it. How else should I sell
these items on EBAY? I HAVE to mention the fact that Tiffany is engraved
on them. I do not SAY that it is specifically TIFFANY? Give me a clue here!!!!

Whoever you are, you are doing a great service for the unwary. Thank you.
Luckily I am not one of those. Knowledge is still king. Regards

Thank you so much for the heads up notice on this fake Tiffany light fixture!
It's people like you that are making a difference in this world of scams and corruption.
We have cancelled our offer to purchase this item. Thanks again
for all your help, and taking the time to notify us. Greatly appreciate it!

And you know this because? Why not tell the seller? Why tell me?
Maybe the seller isn't aware the fixture could be a fake.

I was alerted to your site by a fellow eBayer after posting the winning bid
of over $165 for a fake Tiffany bronze. Luckily I was able to recover my
Paypal payment with a minimal number of threats, thanks to my being
able to use evidence from your website as proof. Of course, the seller
"didn't know it was a fake..."

Thanks for your timely response...impressive. I appreciate your help and must
apologize as the mark is "Tiffany & Co." and not involved with Tiffany Studios.
I should have been more specific in my initial email. Again, thanks for
the help and for educating me.

Thank you for the info on the fake Tiffany. Interestingly, CNN did a
story about the fakes on Ebay this morning. I appreciate your letting me know.

Thank you for advising me before paying for that item, what should I do now??
Should I contact the seller?? or contact Ebay?? Let me know

I understand you have added us to your Dealers to Watch list. The lion
that is offered at auction was consigned to us from an estate.
We pride ourselves in selling quality items. In our haste to get our auction online
quickly this item made the listing prior to our in-house appraiser looking at it. We have
been made aware that copies of Tiffany items do exist. Please note this
will be removed from our listing.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved me from wasting my money on a
frog that I thought was Tiffany because the seller said it was signed Tiffany.
I keep seeing the same seller offering the same pieces every day and wonder why
Ebay does not do something to stop this. Thanks again."

Thanks. Did not go through with the sale.

Thank you. I almost bought something and saw the site and then STOPPED. Happy Holidays

Thanks for the important information.

Thanks! I have sent a complaint to ebay regarding mystic-rhino-inc for
selling fake items represented as vintage/unique. I have refused to pay for
any of the auctions from them, and am waiting to retaliate bad feedback.
Guess that is the breaks! People like that give Ebay a bad name!

Hi; Thank you for letting me know about the inkwell. I think the seller
should have to state that it is a reproduction. Also they should be kicked off
Ebay for selling new as old. Thank you again for your information...

Thank you for the website. Fortunately, I was out bid, twice. I must do
something right. It is too bad that Ebay does not have a
means for posting information such as your's.

 Hi, I was notified of your web site after bidding on the above item.
Thankfully I was out bid; however, the seller has begun listing other bidders
as private bidders, except for my bid. Seems like something is afoul here
and I wanted to bring it to your attention. I haven't purchased any
"fakes" and with the information on your web site I won't. Thanks

Thanks for the information.

Well, thanks for the tip on that one, luckily I didn't win it.

Thank you so much...luckily I hadn't paid for the item yet. I advised the seller
and reported this to Ebay security. I'll definately be more careful thanks to you!

THANKS...great information!! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thanks so much. This confirmed my suspicions and I am grateful for
your expertise. The website is fantastic!

Thanks Again, you are providing a valuable service both to the
internet community and to Ebay